About me

My name is Henrik, I am from the happy eigties, live in the beautiful city Stensved near Vordingborg (South Sealand - Denmark). I work as a Software Developer

Specialized into generic programming and data structures from, and the languages I know the best are Java, PHP and Python.

Healthy interest in network and systems security, and new technology as BlockChain (BitCoin), an the same time a big Open-source advocate.

In my spare time I primary father of two young girls, and devoted to outdoor pursuits.


A bit about my biography

Name: Henrik Jess
Birthday: 1980
Citizenship: Danish
Email: web@i80.dk
Homepage: http://i80.dk

Danish: Native
English: Fluent in oral and written communication
Swedish: Good skills for understanding, speaks and partially writes.
German: Good skills for understanding.


Some of my skill setting experience

i80 - Web Entrepreneur  
eResponse - DevOps  
Fl.Smith - Installatoin Cordinator  
Fl.Smith - Site Electrican / EPDS  

Attented educationens

Datamatiker, EASJ, 20013.
Higher Preparatory Examination (HF)
Electrical Engineering
Base Electrical education.


Things thats connects me

Toolbox of choice


In-Depth Experience with programming in Python, PHP, and Java.

Knowledge of development tools like autoconf/automake, debugging, unit test

Experience with programming language design, designing protocols and compilers.

Web development

Frontend development using XHTML 1.0 & HTML5, CSS2 & CSS3, Javascript, JQuery, and the Twitter Bootstrap framework.

Back-end development using Python, PHP, Java. Useing tecines as XML, JSON, XSLT, and Webservices (XMLRPC, REST, and SOAP).

Frameworks and Databasses

Expert knowledge of NoSQL databases like MongoDB, and relational databases including PostgreSQL, MySQL and Microsoft SQL.

Experience developing web applications using Django,Pyramid,Flask and Tornado frameworks.

Experience developing PHP frameworks as Laravel, Drupal, Wordpress

More about what I do

In the online world I do


Experience in integration with SaaS (Software as a Service)

Integration into social media as Facebook, Twitter, Instegram

RESTFull services as MailChimp, WooCommerce

Software development in general

Good knowledge of Analysis and Design (in particular Object Oriented) and Design Patterns.

Experiences on estimation using various methods and in technical quality assurance related to IT off-shoring.

Basic project management skills.

Networking and infrastructure

Expert in performance optimizing websites using Varnish, including integrations to several different CMS systems.

Securing UNIX systems and in particular PHP-based websites, for example, WordPress sites.

Knowledge of configuration of various servers (and services), for example, nginx and apache. Large scale mail solutions useing Postfix and Courier IMAP.