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Henrik Jess

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Coder, Critical Thinker, DevOps, Solutions Architect

I am Henrik @ i80.dk

I've done this site, as a personal knowledge tree and sharing information as I find it

This site contains random things, as I come acros them in life. Some are hidden gems, orther are quite public.

All articles are ATM taken down, but I'm releasing them one pice at the time, so thats a project for 2022


DevOps Tooling

DevOps tools is an umbrella term that includes all the platforms, tools, servers, and other applications used in a relatively new software.


If you can't tell, I'm a bit of a programming nerd. I love Python, but I also know my way around C/C++ and Java. Basically, I'm versatile and can do just about anything when it comes to coding in a Linux environment.


With a background in Electrical engineering, I have been part of serval retail openings, Q&A, and quality ensurence of shop openings.

Cloud / Server Adminstration

I love servers! - I have serval, running them is still fun. Servers are the life blood of modern business. But managing them can be a daunting task.

Who am i

I've done this site, as a personal knowledge tree and sharing information as I find it

A bit about myself, I consider myself as an innovative IT professional offering vast experience leveraging software engineering and DevOps methodologies to offer software and hardware solutions.

Strong in design and integration problem-solving skills, within business plans, requirements specifications, user documentation, and architectural systems research. Analytical skills to develop IT and business strategies employing cutting edge technologies to increase productivity

Experience of designing complex web interfaces for clients that require more than just a standard CMS interface.

My experience is in DevOps practices via code automation, software development methodologies (agile/scrum), delivery & operations engineering, quality control. DevOps for IT professionals means DevOps within the Software Development Life Cycle as well as the DevOps environment from the delivery to operations point of view. DevOps stack from client-side through server-side up to application hosting environment all the way to the client-side.

Developer for 16 years since the late 90s as professional application development team with PHP5, HTML5, CSS, Javascript, and Database systems. Also, systems administration engineering Linux server management and configuration and system integrations. Worked in Big Data environment. Worked with DevOp environments such as continuous integration and delivery of applications using tools like nginx/apache , gitlab CI / GIT / Jenkins, Docker containers etc

Fun Facts

Happy Projects


Working Hours


Awards Won

12including some "Best dad"

Coffee Consumed

621 L Yearly - and yes, I have a fairly big coffe intake


Years of Experience



Leadership Course*

To be decided.

Currently working on what course I will be attenting, but might end up on KEA ledership course.


Degreee in Computer Engineering

EASJ N├Žstved

Programming: Programming languages, program quality, software architecture, algorithms, data structures and databases

System development: Analysis, development method, software design, project work, IT tools and quality assurance

Technology: Operating systems, security, distributed systems, networks, databases and technology development

The company: Organizational and business understanding, IT development and IT security


Electrical Engineering

University of Studies

Installations and installations: Design, consulting, execution and operation of electrical installations and installations. Implement intelligent solutions for buildings

Corporate management and project management: Project management and contract management, organization and management, business understanding and quality, safety and the environment as well as communication and dissemination techniques.

Technique and documentation:Electro technical theory as well as mathematics. Useing digital tools for design, documentation and quality assurance of installations and facilities.


2022 - Current

DevOps Specialist / Solutions Architect

Ordrestyring AS

Providing infrastructure solution based on the Azure Cloud platform, particularly in transitioning from on-premises environments to cloud-based solutions. Trying to ensure that the solution aligns with organizational goals

Leveraging GitLab and developing custom tooling, contributing to creating efficient and consistent environments for various stages of the software development life cycle (CI/CD).

Specialize in custom building Docker images for CI/CD use cases and optimizing GitLab solutions. Developing infrastructure to support Docker setups and hosting. Additionally, Infrastructure in Azure using Infrastructure as Code (IoC) principles and migrate barebone hosted solutions to Azure Cloud for production environments. Responsibilities encompass the end-to-end process of containerization, automation, and cloud migration to enhance efficiency and scalability.

2020 - 2022

DevOps / Operations / Solutions Architect

Hobbii AS

Identify functionality gaps and develop solutions to them with other teams. Providing infrastructure solutions based on amazon web services(AWS) in a fast-paced, challenging, innovative company.

Balance needs throughout the software development life cycle, from coding and deployment to maintenance and updates. Unification and automation of processes, combining code, application maintenance, and application management. Working with GitLab to manage source code repositories and developing tooling for staging, development, and runtime setup.

Involve in building and configuring Debian-based Linux servers, and setting up Amazon instances/cloud solutions.

Research, endorse, and implement network enhancements, improving system reliability and performance for retail systems.


ERP Specialist / Imlementation Consultent / DevOps


Manage multiple clients and identifying client issues. Business analysis and process design into Odoo system configuration and development, understanding client requirements. Data migration from existing solutions.

In conjunction with external devolpment team, defining testing scenarios, project planing. Development of end-user documentation and training material to support clients with the execution of Odoo Implementation. Setup Odoo financials, supply chain, manufacturing, CRM modules (and more), and handle projects issues


Software Engineer - DevOps / ERP

ASERGO Scandinavia

ERP Integration, Business logic implementation. Developed, implemented, and rolled out a new ERP system on project needs (Odoo).

Setting up staging environments, for testing and development. Developing DevOps tools for the local repository (GitLab), code commit, remote repository. Automated Continuous Delivery and Continuous Deployment solutions.


Software Engineer - DevOp / Lead Dev.


Q&A operations, Quality control and people project management. Implementation of various internet-based applications. Expert in a variety of platforms, languages, and embedded systems - designer, developer, and tester.

Analysis and Desigs

Object-oriented analysis and design



Coding Skills





HTML (Javascript, jQuery, HTML5)

Bash / Shellscripting

Tools of the trade

DevOps tools

Jira Software, Conflucence, Slack, Docker, Ansible, Chef, GitLab, GitHub, Jenkins, AWS, New Relic, Pingdom, Nagios

Web Frameworks systems

Django, Pylons, Flask, Symfony, Laravel, Saleor, Wagtail, Plone, Odoo

Linux and Unix systems

Debian Linux, Ubuntu Linux, RedHat Linux, CentOS Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Solaris

API Integrations

Adyen, BankConnect, GS1, Breeze Cloud, AWS, Jyske Bank, Jira, GitLab, Jenkins, Swagger, Proxmox, Pleo, Slack, Odoo, Stripe

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